Peter Veen is a copywriter, writer and visual artist. He has more than 1500 pages of non-fiction to his name, made an exciting boys’ book of ‘Sailing – the new guide for sailors’, wrote advertising texts for all kinds of companies and governments, published poems and stories in several magazines, made a furore on Twitter with his ultra-short rural experiences and exhibited dozens of high-profile installations. Right now he focuses on writing very short stories and accidental photography. In both disciplines he searches for a simple approach that derails almost unnoticed.

Every week -mostly on Sundays- you can read a new very short story on his blog (Dutch only for now) and on Facebook. Special photos appear occasionally on the photo page. Accidental photos mixed with short stories in English can be read on Instagram. You are welcome as a follower or a friend.

For an art assignment, exhibition, reading session, training commercial writing, business texts: post @ peterveen. nl or call +31 6 542 723 15.